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Rwandan Civil Aviation Authority Cocktail 2017

Project Details

  • Location: Kigali Rwanda
  • Client: RCAA

Rwandan Civil Aviation Authority Cocktail 2017

Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA) is a regulatory authority, which oversees and regulates all aspects of civil aviation in Rwanda. During the Aviation Africa 2017, together with Rwanda Events RCAA organized a welcome cocktail event for the delegates that came to Rwanda to participate in the Aviation Africa 2017 Summit, on February the 21st.

The purpose of the cocktail was to give a warm welcome to the delegates before the commencement of the summit, a well-selected variety of refreshments were served and a popular traditional troupe graced the event with creative dance and songs performance, entertaining the guests. Rwanda Events ensured that the setup and the activities of the whole program went according to plan and that the delegates enjoyed the event.